Transliteration Characters

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Transliteration Character is designated characters used in phonetic-transliteration. Similar to Katakana in Japanese, the feature of Transliteration Character is one syllable one fixed character. For example, the Transliteration Character for the syllable "đô" is determined as , then 都 should be used in all phonetic-transliterations for the syllable "đô" no matter what word it is.

  • đô la (dollar): 羅 (✓) / 羅 (×)
  • in đô nê xi a (Indonesia): 印泥蚩亞 (✓) / 印𥳉泥蚩亞 (×)
  • an ba ni (Albany): 安巴鈮 (×) / 安波尼 (✓)